10 Youngest Billionaire in the World

Life does not give you what You Wanted, But Will Give you what you have worked for. Just don’t care what anyone thinks of you, There Opinion will never Write you a Paycheck. Like One of these Youngest billionaires in the world have Goals in life to achieve rather them Dreams to See. Sometimes looking at these People you may think “Life isn’t Fair” because some people are born Billionaire but some others have made their own way to the list.

There are around Billionaires in the world of 7.5 Billion people. The Worth of these people is even more than the GDP of many Countries. These young people made their life successful with their efforts in their respective fields like technology, startups, innovation and etc.

Here’s a list of 10 Youngest Billionaire in the world, according to the analysis of Forbes.

Mark Zuckerberg

While this Guy needs no introduction to anyone among us, He is the Youngest Billionaire in the world. Born on May 14, 1984, Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and Internet Entrepreneur. He is a Co-Founder and Chairman of World’s biggest and most loved social Network, Facebook. His net worth is estimated to be US$ 74.2 Billion as of November 2017. He has been listed on the Forbes list of world’s most powerful people and since 2010 Time Magazine has named Zuckerberg the 100 wealthiest and most Influential people in the world. Mark’s story teaches us to Have Patience. Everything is difficult in the beginning.

Lukas Walton

Grandson of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, Lukas Walton is one among the youngest Billionaire in the world. His Net worth is US$ 12.9 Billion. He was born on March 22, 1986. In the year 2005, when his father John Walton died in plane crash, he was the beneficiary of his father’s fortune. Lucas is a director of Walton Family Foundation which deals with the donating charity to healthcare, community development environment, and education causes.

Yang Huiyan

Richest Woman of China and One of the youngest women Billionaires in the world Yang Huiyan has majority 55% shares of the Country Garden Holdings. Her net worth is US$ 11.2 Billion. She holds the position of the vice chairman in his father’s real estate development Company. Her father Yang Guoqiang was the founder of company Biguiyuan in the year 1997. He transferred 70% of country Garden’s shares to her before its IPO in 2007. Yang is vice chairman of the board’s governance committee and helped raise $410 million selling new shares in 2014.

Dustin Moskovitz

Born on May 22, 1984, Dustin Moskovitz is one of the youngest Billionaire. He Co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerburg. His net worth is US$ 10.7 Billion. In the year 2008, he left Facebook and having 2.34% Shares on Facebook. He was the company’s first chief technology officer and then vice president of engineering. Dustin is World’s youngest self-made billionaire according to Forbes, 2011. Later, He became the co-founder of Asana with Justin Rosenstein.

Eduardo Saverin

One of the co-founders of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Born on March 22, 1982, Eduardo’s net worth is US$ 10.3 Billion. He owns 53 million Facebook shares which are around 2% of total Facebook shares.He has invested in early-stage startups which are now very famous, like Qwike, and Jumio. This Young Brilliant Internet Entrepreneur is also called angel investor.

Scott Duncan

At around 33-34 years of age, this man is one among youngest Billionaire in the world. The net worth of Scott Duncan is US$ 5.5 Billion. He is an example of lucky people on the Planet. Heir to Duncan family fortune and co-founder of Enterprise products, He is the Unsustainable Man. He is an honor of More than 50,000 miles of pipeline for gas, petrochemicals, and natural gas. The Company’s shares have been increasing in value rending him one of the richest people on the planet.

Bobby Murphy

Co-founder and Chief technology officer of social media company Snap Inc., Bobby Murphy is one of the youngest Billionaires in the world. He was born on July 19, 1988. His net worth is US$ 4 Billion. His Parents are both government employees in California. Murphy Never Looked Backward, He always Focused Forward. And now, he has built his reputation in the eyes of every single one.  In the year 2015, He became second youngest Billionaire in the world.

Nathan Blecharczyk

American business executive and entrepreneur Nathan Blecharczyk is co-founder and chief strategy officer of Airbnb. He is one of the youngest Billionaire in the world. His net worth is US$ 3.8 Billion. He always Believed in “Today is Hard, Tomorrow will be Worse, But the Day after tomorrow will be Sunshine”. And So he is Shining Today Like Sunshine. From starting his Journey as an engineer at OPNET Technologies in 2005 to Youngest Billionaire he is a real Champion. Airbnb has over 65 million clients globally and is spread over in more than 33,000 Cities.

Brain Chesky

American Internet Entrepreneur and co-founder of the hospitality exchange service Airnub Brain Joseph Chesky is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. He was Born on August 29, 1981, and his net worth is US$ 3.8 Billion. He is a former bodybuilder and one of the richest men on the planet. Making Airbnb one of the second most valued company after Uber at $30 billion, he has at least 13% of total Airbnb Shares. The company has spread over 33000 cities and served more than 65 million clients globally.

Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel is the co-founder and Chief Executive officer (CEO) of snapchat. Born June 4, 1990, he is one of the youngest Billionaire in the world. His net worth is US$ 1.07 Billion. He worked hard, that he no longer wanted to introduce himself. In the year 2015, He was named the youngest Billionaire in the world and his company has been received offers that value it at $19 Billion. Journey to a successful Man, Includes many unpaid internships.

So, Here’s the list of Youngest Billionaires in the world. They didn’t just dreamed of the success but also worked for that and achieved goals.

“Work Like There is Someone Working 24 hours a Day to take it all Away from You” and become one like these people.



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