10 Most Deadly Food That Can Kill You

We all are aware of the importance of food very well. When we rise in the morning, we give thanks for the light, for the life, for the strength. We give thanks for the food as well. For many of us, nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food together. But can you ever Imagin that the most basic thing in our life can be deadly? What if the food we enjoy most after reaching home is one of the most deadly food that can kill you or your family.

There are many dangerous activities we love to do like Skydiving, mount-climbing, holding breath underwater etc. But how do you feel when you hear even eating foot is dangerous. Some dishes are deadly that set in front of us on the dinner table. There are more than a few foods which can kill you if not prepared correctly.

Here is the list of some very common food items that can be deadly. 

Raw Honey

Honey is very beneficial for our health, skin, and hairs. While there are many health benefits of honey we all know well, it can be dangerous too. It’s a Little known Fact but natural Honey contains a poisonous toxin called pyrrolizidine alkaloids. There is a process of Pasteurization to eliminate these toxins from the honey before use. Unpasteurized honey is extremely dangerous. A very little amount of unpasteurized honey can lead you to headaches, dizziness, weakness, and vomiting that can last for 24 hours. and if you take it more then one tablespoon, then it can kill you.


Though Cashews are very healthy, tasty and the sign of royalty, but it could be deadly like anything to kill you. You may love to eat Raw cashews but are they really Raw? the answer is No. Raw cashews you find in the supermarket are not actually raw but they are steamed to remove the urushiol. It is a chemical which also found in poison ivy.

Consuming Raw cashews can prove fatal, especially if you are allergic to poison ivy. A handful of raw cashews could be extremely dangerous for you.

Red Kidney Beans

You will find a lot of Kidney beans(Rajma) lovers around you. Do you know your favorite food could be deadly if not cooked well? Red Kidney Beans contain toxins called lectins, Which kills the cells in your stomach. You need to boil kidney beans really good to remove the toxin. Just by eating 4 or 5 raw beans, you can see the symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain within 1 to 3 hour. Do cook the beans at high temperature before eating them.


Potatoes are no doubt considered as King of Vegetables. But just for your Safety do remember that the Green version of potatoes contains a natural toxin called solanine. Think again if you think that the potato that is greenish in color is simply quite raw. The Greenish tint in your potato is chlorophyll and it means the high amount of solanine in potato. If you eat this potato this will cause you vomiting, headaches and complete paralysis of the central nervous system.


We all love to eat strawberry rhubarb pie but wait, do you know these rhubarb contain oxalic acid which can turn your favorite food into dangerous food. It is more related to heavy metal poisoning. Organic poison often works at a biochemical level but oxalic acid binds with calcium in the body, blocking the kidneys and liver from excreting it through the urine. Little much less Rhubarb may make you very sick but it would take pounds of leaves to kill you.


While these berries are used in jams, wines, and teas, the seeds and leaves contain levels of the cyanide-producing glycoside. if this fruit is consumed without strain correctly or is too unripe when used to make your jam or wine, you could suffer from severe nausea and potential coma, or even death. As tasty as this Fruit taste, as deadly it could turn out into.


Cherries are love. These simple looking cherries are loved by almost every one of us. But these cherries along with plums, peaches, and apricots, contain compounds that our bodies turn into cyanide. Though it is hard enough to crack open the cherry pit. And unless you crack open the cherry pit, it is highly unlikely for you to get sick by eating them. Moreover, it will only take one or two crushed cherry pits to kill you.


The National Fruit of Jamaica is also a Deadly National Fruit. This beloved national fruit of Jamaica is one of the world’s deadliest foods if not prepared correctly. Those Yellow bits have to be cooked just right before you think its edible. Only the yellow part of the ackee should be consumed. This Healthy looking food isn’t that good and healthy for your health that you think. Just a very little bit of this fruit can make you suffer from fatal and sickness if not ripe enough or too ripe.

Wild Almonds

While almonds are all time favorite of almost every one of us, you are needed to know the deadly facts of almonds as well. There are two types of almonds you weren’t aware of. One is sweet almonds and other is bitter almonds. When eaten raw, bitter almonds are extremely poisonous. It contains a poison called glycoside amygdalin. After consuming bitter almonds, the poison available in them turns into prussic acid. Prussic acid is commonly known as hydrogen cyanide, and it is used in the Nazi Gas Chambers. Even on a very little consumption, it can prove as some serious stuff to take away your life.

Blowfish (Fugu)

Maybe it is a very uncommon thing for most of us but in some part of the world, this is not uncommon but the dinner for every Sunday. This fish is very famous for the lethal amounts of the poison called tetrodotoxin. It is in the organs of the fish. If prepared incorrectly, this fish can make you Paralyze. And the saddest part is there is no antidote. Once all of its toxic organs are removed carefully, this fish can be prepared successfully. So, unless you would like to choke to death while on vacation, it might be a good idea to cook it wisely and carefully.

Here was all the common, and most loved foods that might be proved dangerous for not only your health but are also deadly for your lives. Be careful, when the next time you are hungry or in hurry and thinking about having your favorite food. Eat Healthily! Stay Healthy! Eat Carefully! Stay Fit!



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