10 Most Beautiful Women In The World Without Makeup


Most of the people commented many times that anyone can look beautiful with makeup. Yes! Makeup can transfer most basic faces into something magical like beautiful stars. It is really common to see the woman with layers of makeup. From fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows to lip plumper, there is everything available in the market that can make you look beautiful and gorgeous women. Wake up and Makeup is a very common routine of many attractive women out there. But can you answer, Who is the most beautiful woman in the world ever?

Beauty is not always about Looks, Makeup or Clothes But beauty comes from being yourself. Nothing gives a better feeling than enjoying the wind on your face without a fear of Ruining makeup. The most beautiful woman is not worried about re-applying your Lipstick and Eyeliner, and Trust Me! The refreshing natural beauty of her face will definitely blow your mind. There are Gorgeous Women, stunning women, and beautiful lady who are as beautiful without makeup as they are with makeup.

Here’s a list of 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World, Without Makeup.

Emma Stone

We already love Emma Stone very much. Her smile is the most beautiful Curve on her Body. Among Prettiest girls in the world, Emma Watson is one, Born on November 6, 1988. The Most Beautiful Girl in the world Emma is an American Actress. You may have seen her amazing on screen with layers of makeup but She is more pretty and attractive girl without makeup. Her natural beauty is so enviable that she needs no layers of makeup while hangout.

Some Of her career achievements are Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe, Award etc. She gave her successful appearance in the movies like Superbad, Zombieland, Crazy, Stupid Love, The Help, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 etc. Like any Naturally Beautiful Women, This Prettiest Girl in the world was listed in Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2013 and also Time 100 in 2017. Including one of Good Looking Women, She is also one of the most talented actresses of her generation. So, Emma, no one can ever end up without saying “You are the most beautiful woman in the world without makeup”.


We have seen celebrities posing for media with layers of makeup on the face. But there are some who do not take the support of fake makeup to look Beautiful. Beauty Woman Beyonce is one of them. Born on September 4, 1981, Boyance is a Singer, songwriter, Dancer, Actress. She keeps her skin and lips moisturized, Drinks plenty of water, Do Exercise and by all this, she keeps her natural beauty alive. And so she is one of the naturally Beautiful Women. All She does makes her most beautiful person in the world.

List of achievements of this most beautiful girl in the world is so long including 22 Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Artist, and most Honored Female Artist. She has sold an estimate of 100 million records as a solo artist. Real Beauty is when you appreciate yourself and the Prettiest girl in the world is one who loves herself. While the beauty of a woman is always appreciated, Naturally beautiful women like Beyonce are the best looking Girls.

Jessica Alba

Guess! What is making her so Beautiful? Look at her Innocent Smile, Her Speaking Eyes, And Her Glowing Skin. Yes! She is More than just a beautiful lady without makeup. She is just Impaccabely Perfect. Born on April 28, 1981, the prettiest girl in the world is an American Actress and Successful Businesswoman. A Beautiful Woman Jessica Abla is a natural knockout.

If the path is beautiful, Let us not ask where it Leads. And if Path is with any naturally beautiful Women, Then, of course, the destination would be amazing. Some of her achievements among female celebrities are Teen Choice Award, the Best Actress award, Golden Globe Nominations Etc. She gave her a wonderful, Attractive girl appearance in Honey, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Into The Blue and many more.

Jennifer Garner

At the age of 44, she looks no more than 30. While other actresses put layers of makeup while going out, The prettiest girl in the world Jennifer Garner prefers to go without makeup most of the days. Born on April 17, 1972. Beautiful Lady Jennifer is an American actress. This most beautiful woman ever has kept her skin naturally vibrant with the pair of sunscreen and moisturizers.

Some of her achievements in the industry are Golden Globe Award, SAG Award, Primetime Emmy Award nominations etc. The prettiest girl in the world gave many remembering performances in many movies like Catch Me If You Can, 13 Going on 30, The Odd Life of Timothy Green and much more. Among Most Beautiful Girls, Her Acting Skills are always Appreciated.

Heidi Klum

Even at her 44, she can make you go WOW. And do you know the best part? Her beauty needs no layers of makeup to steal your heart. No makeup shines brighter than a beautiful Eyes. And so, look at her bright eyes. Aren’t they enough to make you go crazy? Born on 1 June 1973, Beauty Woman Haidi Klum is a German actress, Model, Businesswoman, Fashion Designer, Singer.

Her list of achievements includes 6 Emmy awards nominations, Outstanding Host for a reality or reality Competition Program and much more. This beautiful woman has appeared in movies like Blow Dry, Sex in the City, Perfect Strangers and much more. To be like good looking women and naturally beautiful women, take care of your inner, Spiritual Beauty. That will Reflect in your face.

Jessica Biel

Unlike other women out there, Beauty Lady Jessica Biel needs no makeup to show the charm of her beauty. While many get so worried about being pretty, She is Pretty Kind, Pretty Funny, Pretty Smart and Pretty Strong. Her Prettiness explains how much she takes care of herself. Among Cute Women and stunning women on earth, Born on March 3, 1982, She is an American actress, Model, and producer.

This most beautiful face in the world has received various awards like Golden Globe, Best Actress and more. Like other gorgeous women, she is starred in many famous films including The Rules Of Attraction, The Illusionist, The A-Team etc.

Diane Kruger

Damm!! Her Eyes! If these are soo Pleasing without makeup, You can only imagine her Prepossessing beauty after makeup. A lot of Sleep is the Beauty’s secret weapon of this beautiful lady. Born on July 15, 1976, Cute Girl Diane Kruger is a German Actress and Fashion Model.

This most beautiful woman ever is very popular for her role on Troy, National Treasure and its Sequal, Mr Nobody, Unknown and much more. When it comes to awards she has received, The list is little to long including Cannes Film Festival, Bambi Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association and lots more. This Best Lookin Girl is one of those good-looking women who can steal any heart.

Mandy Moore

Even though She is the one who loves to play with makeup, But is she any less beautiful without makeup. No! Her Confidence breeds her Beauty. Born on April 10, 1984, One of the beautiful faces Mandy Moore is an American actress, Singer, and Songwriter. Her Beauty is the best possible version of herself on the inside and out.

Her achievements include Golden Globe awards, VH1’S 100 Sexiest artist and much more. Among most attractive women, she has received fame from her role in Candy, And then she gave her amazing performance in many movies like So Real, How to deal, Tangled, Love Wedding Marriage etc. The Secret of the Most beautiful woman ever is to think of all the beauty left around you and be happy.

Jennifer Aniston

How can you not fall in love with her? Impossible! You will Definitely fall in love with this most beautiful woman ever. Even at the age of 48, She looks no more than 25. Her flawless beauty among naturally beautiful women will really put people in dilemma. Born on February 11, 1969, Jennifer Aniston is an American Actress, Producer, and Businesswoman. She is the proof that naturally beautiful women without makeup are the most gorgeous women.

This beautiful face gained many awards and nominations for her brilliant work including Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe  Award, Screen actor Guild Award and more. Her Box Office Hit Includes Bruce Almighty, The Break-up, Just Go With it and many more. She is the most beautiful women ever I know.

Angelina Jolie

Her Beauty needs no Introduction. She is just perfect, With Or Without Makeup. She Is Incredibly beautiful even without makeup. Angelina Jolie always takes the best care of herself with Skincare Treatments, sunscreens natural cleansers. Born on June 4,  1975, She is an American Actress and Filmmaker. One of the very hottest celebrities without makeup, Angelina is known as the prettiest girl in the world.

Her List of Achievements includes Awards like Golden Globe, Emmy Award, Screen Actor Guild Awards Academy Award and lots More. Her box office hits include Unbroken, Maleficent, In The Land Of Blood And Honey, Mr and Mrs Smith, Wanted and much more. She is one among naturally beautiful women and by plucking her petals, You cannot destroy her beauty any less or more.

This was the list of 10 most beautiful women without makeup in the world. Be the one Among them. Eat Healthily, Look Healthy. Take care of Yourself, No matter what is your age and Occupations. Always make time for yourself.


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